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orchestra courses



Playing Piano

A Message from the Pianists:

"It's so wonderful you're here! Nice to meet you! In our piano classes, we hope you learn the beauty of music while improving technique. We love passing on our knowledge to other musicians, so it will be exciting meeting you!"


Bryant Li *

Young Sun Yi

Natalie Su

Philip Ma

* a member of the leadership team

Maggini's violin

A Message from the Viola Team:

"It is so wonderful to see our students enjoy playing music while improving their technique. We always encourage young musicians to pursue their dreams. Our team would like to welcome you to Practice Pals and invite you to join us!"


Esther Yi

Peiyao (Amy) Ning *

Brady Ji

* a member of the leadership team




A Message from the Cello Team:


"Hello! The cello team is looking forward to meeting your kids and working with them! We will practice with them, give them helpful tips, and correct their mistakes. Hope you sign up; we would love to share our knowledge and experience with young musicians!"


Emily Ji *

Jasmine Wang 

Bill Sun

Justin Liang 

Lara Li

* a member of the leadership team

Classic Violin

A Message from the Violin Team:

"Hi! We are looking forward to meeting each and every one of you guys! We hope that while improving your technique and musicality, we can allow you to find your inner musician and artist."


Miranda Li *

Ellie Jung

Sam Lin

Chanhee (Joy) Park *

Elaine Qu

Sophie Zeng

* a member of the leadership team

band courses



Flute and notes

A Message from the Flute team:


Hello everyone, welcome to the Flute course! The Flute can produce such a mellow, pure tone, it is honestly the most unique instrument out there (our opinion). We hope to see a lot of new faces join our class! Have a great day everyone!


Marisa Gu

Kelly Zhou

* a member of the leadership team

clarinet on notes

A Message from the tutors:

We are looking forward to meeting all the young artists! We love meeting new people who share the same passion as us. On behalf of the Clarinet team, thank you for choosing Practice Pals!

Without the Clarinet, life would B♭.


Alisa Lu

Michelle Cheng

* a member of the leadership team

We accept all players. Skill level doesn't matter. What matters is the passion you have towards learning music. 

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